How Replayable is the Paradox Cycle?

In a word, very. Heresy: 1897 boasts two completely separate storylines, each with a unique puzzle flow, and four different endings. Each of these endings creates a different version (or “divergence”) of Madness: 1917, with its own story, characters, and challenges, and leading to yet more endings based on your choices- and so on into our upcoming chapter 3. 

In addition, the day and time you book may also cause you to encounter different characters in Paradox lounge, who may have their own quests for you or games to play. Or perhaps certain actions in 1897 or 1917 will lead to new things you haven’t seen before- All things considered, you could play through The Paradox Cycle dozens of times and discover something new each time. 

You can use the Rift Map to keep track of the divergences you have seen, as well as all the things you haven’t.

Do I Have to Play These Shows in Order?

You may play any of the shows of the Paradox Cycle in any order you choose, but in order to have your decisions track between shows, putting you onto different and exclusive divergences, you must play in chronological order.

How Do My Choices Track Between Shows?

Simple! When you purchase your tickets for Madness: 1917, you simply need to select what ending you received in Heresy: 1897. We’ll do the rest.

How Long Do the Shows Last?

Show duration may vary, partially determined by how fast you complete the challenges and which choices you make. A good rule of thumb is to expect to spend between 2 to 2½ hours in the Paradox cycle, including your onboarding and debriefing in the Paradox bar.

Is This Like a Haunted House? How Scary is It?

The Paradox Cycle is not a haunted house, but does contain horror elements. Depending on choices you make in Heresy: 1897, you can end up with a more intense variant of Madness: 1917. If this is a concern to you, you can always ask the characters you encounter in Paradox how to avoid these particular story paths.

I’m Pregnant. Can I Still Play the Paradox Cycle?

Absolutely. Persons who are pregnant are welcome to participate in shows of the Paradox Cycle, as long as they are cleared by their doctors for mild activity, and are familiar with our content warnings.

Is There Any Nudity Involved in the Shows?

No. There is no nudity in any shows in the Paradox Cycle.

What’s the Difference Between Private and Public Tickets?

Heresy: 1897 offers both public and private bookings.

Madness: 1917 offers only private bookings at this time.

PRIVATE TICKETS- Reserve a show for just you and your guests. Once a timeslot has been booked with private tickets, the slot is yours, and you can add tickets (up to the maximum of eight) at anytime before your show. Private bookings also come with a free beverage at the bar and more flexibility for adapting shows to your group's needs.

PUBLIC TICKETS - Book a public ticket if you don’t mind playing with strangers, or want to play as a solo on an already sold day. While you still get to have the same amazing experience as private players, you may have a little less control over your destiny than you would with a private booking, as your group might have to make choices together with strangers (who could just be friends from your future!). Keep in mind, purchasing public will not prevent unsold tickets from being sold, so last minute additions to your party may not be available. Once a timeslot has sold public tickets, the option for a private booking is no longer available. This ticket type does not include a free drink at the bar.

I Made a Reservation But I Need to Reschedule/Add Tickets/Remove Tickets from my Reservation. How do I do that?

Email contact@doorsofdivergence.com and we’ll be happy to take care of this for you. Refunds on individual tickets or whole reservations are subject to our ticketing policy.

Can I Buy a Single Ticket to Heresy: 1897?

While the Paradox Cycle is not designed as a solo experience, we do have the option for single players to join an existing open booking, but only if a minimum of two tickets have already been sold.

Can I Buy a Single Ticket to Madness: 1917?

Due to both it’s split team structure and the continuing narrative from Heresy: 1897, we do not offer single ticket options or public bookings for Madness: 1917 at this time.

I Purchased a Single Ticket to Heresy: 1897, but the Other Public Ticket Holders All Cancelled! Can I Still Play the Game?

In this unlikely occurence, we will reach out to you to offer either a reschedule or a refund, regardless of timeframe.

Do You Offer a Student/Military/Senior Discount?

We offer discounts for group size on private shows based on the number of tickets. We do not offer any other discounts at this time.

I Have a Reservation for 8 People but I’d Like to Add a Ninth! Can I do that?

Unfortunately, our shows have a maximum capacity of 8 people, no exceptions.

I'm With a Company or University or Student Group- Do You Do Special Engagements or Group Buyouts?

We'd be more than happy to accommodate a special engagement based on your needs. Please email contact@doorsofdivergence.com and we'll respond ASAP.

I Have a Different Question Not Listed Here.

Please reach out to us at contact@doorsofdivergence.com with any other questions.

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