Content Warnings

Content Warnings

The Paradox Cycle and its experiences The Paradox Lounge, Heresy, 1897, and Madness: 1917 are puzzle driven immersive experiences with flashing lights, loud noises and some use of atmospheric smoke.

While The Paradox Cycle is not a haunted house, it does confront many sensitive areas.

Subjects discussed include death, injury, chronic pain, mental health, war, betrayal, the supernatural, and colonialism as well as depictions of murder, possession, and violence.

You may be asked to stand for up to 15 minutes at a time. If you are unable to do so, or you have multiple people in your group who cannot stand for 60 minutes or more, please contact us and accommodation will be provided. We are an ADA compliant facility.

Shows may last up to 90 minutes, but you will have access to restrooms at all times or after a short delay.