Madness: 1917

Madness: 1917

The Second Chapter in the Paradox Cycle.

Hollow Grove Sanitarium… or is it Sanatorium? Reality is beginning to fracture, and memory grows hazy. Either way, what was once a place of healing now teeters on the edge of madness.

As you enter, you know something is not right here- the building is aging unnaturally, and the staff hides secrets you cannot discern. But what truth will you uncover? Disowned children who seek their birthright? A soul that cries out from the hell it was trapped in? A Great War perpetuated by a creature of supernatural origin? Or perhaps an experimental breakthrough that perverts the nature of medicine itself.

Only you can say for sure: the choices made in 1897 will continue into 1917, as your story enters its second chapter. But one thing is guaranteed: what happens inside the decaying halls of Hollow Grove will defy even your wildest expectations.

Proud Recipient of the 2022 Bullseye Award for Best Cooperative Game! Link

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