All audience members are entitled to a full or partial refund for cancellations up to 48 hours before their show time.

Audience members are entitled to a rebooking or credit if cancelling at any time.

If cancelling individual tickets, private booking groups must maintain a minimum of 2 tickets, and all shows have a maximum of 8 players.

Adding Tickets:

Tickets may be added to a reservation at any time, either at the front counter before the show or by contacting us

Doors of Divergence reserves the right to deny any audience member entry if deemed appropriate.

Drink Before Show

Guests are limited to 1 drink before the show. Feel free to return to the bar afterwards to discuss with your group the choices made and the roads not taken.

Bag & Coat check

The Future Proof building provides a complimentary bag and coat check.  To prevent loss of personal items, Doors of Divergence requires any bag, purses, or backpacks to be checked at the front. Guests will always have the ability to head to our front desk to recover their things at any time.


Guests are asked to keep their phones hidden within Heresy: 1897 and Madness: 1917. Feel free to use them in The Paradox Lounge and in our lobby space.

Lateness/No Show

To avoid lateness, we HIGHLY recommend that you arrive 10-15 minutes before your scheduled show time to get acquainted with the characters in Paradox, get your onboarding, and prepare to go back in time.  Please keep in mind transit options and parking in our <link> location </link> Private shows can be held for no later than 15 minutes after the listed start time. Late comers will not be admitted to the show once it has begun.

Public bookings, in fairness to guests present, will not be held and will begin at listed start times. Refunds for lateness will not be given, but tickets can be rescheduled based on availability.

No-shows will not be refunded or rebooked.