Heresy: 1897

Heresy: 1897

The First Chapter in the Paradox Cycle

Alchemy. Astronomy. White Magic. The Order of the Three Keys is the most powerful organization you’ve never heard of- until now. Join their ranks, and investigate the heretical experiments of Edmond Cavanaugh- a man whose actions reverberate though time itself.

Your choices will determine what you encounter as you dig deeper into his manor. Powerful elixirs, long-forgotten demons, experiments with the nature of life itself: you may encounter all of these, or something else entirely.

But be warned- the Order’s Proctors will oversee your progress. Convince them of your intentions, and they will come to your aid. But stray from the Order’s tenets, and your story may take a different path. The choices, as always, are yours.

Proud Recipient of the 2022 Bullseye Award for Best Overall Immersive Experience Link

The Rift