About the Company

About the Company

We are Doors of Divergence

Mission Statement

To create reactive, puzzle driven immersive theatre that emphasizes and rewards player choices creating a truly unique and superior experience.

Doors of what now?

Doors of Divergence is an immersive entertainment company specializing in narrative puzzles. We design, build, and operate our own original scenarios, each of which has branching narratives that continue episodically from show to show. We give our audiences a unique experience that responds, in real time, to the choices they make.

What makes us unique?

Professional Actors

We believe that the traditional “game master in another room” model is passé. We hire professional actors to engage the audience in a story that adapts to them.

Agency and Choice

Every major choice an audience makes diverts their story down a new path. Decisions you make in one show directly carry over and permanently alter the following chapters, creating over thirty unique arcs to our three-show story.

Dynamic Difficulty

Our shows have many challenges that require various degrees of puzzle-solving, and all elements are designed with audiences in mind. Using a combination of state-of-the-art technology and traditional immersive strategies, our shows will make sure that you never feel stuck or helpless and are always able to experience a narrative based on your decisions.

Theatrical and Immersive

We aim to transport you to a completely different reality. Enter our doors and leave your previous life behind- interactive characters, deep storytelling, meticulous set design, and an immersive light & soundscape will make you forget the outside world ever existed.

Doors of Divergence:

Our worlds. Your choices.

The Rift