What is this?

What is this?

The Paradox Cycle is a blend of immersive theatre, escape room, and interactive story-telling, where your choices directly impact the narrative.

”From the moment we entered their magic circle, we were transported: first to an out-of-time functioning bar populated by genuinely entertaining characters and music, and then into the escape room itself.” - Room Escape Artist

From the beginning of your journey, you’ll enter the Paradox Bar- a place in the center of a fracture in space and time. Get a drink and meet the people there- all of whom have fallen in from various eras.

From the moment you arrive to mingle with characters at the bar, you feel transported and in control of your destiny.” -No Proscenium

When ready, you’ll go back in time (to 1897, or 1917, or another year that has yet to stabilize) in an attempt to discover what is breaking time, and find the right combination of choices that might fix it.

In each time, you will encounter and interact with fantastic characters, solve challenging puzzles, and make choices that change your experience- you will encounter different rooms and challenges, and meet different characters based on what you do.

“We love how this game enters the space of immersive theater, and gives the players choices that affect the game.” -Escaperoomtips.com

Most importantly, your choices in 1897 will affect 1917, and so on- creating a persistent reality and story that is yours alone. You can choose how to play- experience every chapter of your story in a day, taking time between in the Paradox Bar to collect yourselves, or coming back at a later date to continue your journey. There is no time limit- whenever you choose to return, the choices will stay with you.

It's a show that engulfs you and eventually recruits you to become part of the cast.” - EscapeTheRoomers.com

Perhaps, at the end of your journey, you will discover what is breaking time, and a means to fix it- or perhaps you will learn greater questions that beg to be answered on your next journey- making different choices will guarantee a completely different experience.

“If anything I said made your heart race, go play it. If you care about the growth of escape rooms, go play it.
For anyone who reads this: go play it.” -No Proscenium

The Rift